MK Switches & Modular Switches

MK Switches & Modular Switches

Mk india Modular switch dealer in Chennai are the top notch dealers in worldwide.

The Chennai products are recognised throughout the World as representing pioneers in the design and development of robust and reliable covering equipment for often harsh and unforgiving environments. Our clients capitalise on over 20 years specialist knowledge and experience of working within the commercial vehicle industry; allowing them to find the right solution first time.

We can provide all your electronic machinery desires such as connectors, capacitors, Remote control switch, resistors, crystals, diodes, I.C., Changeover switch, fuses, LED, relays, Modular switches, transistors, switches, and EEPROM. All these products are easily available in every dealer in Chennai. Furthermore, we do deliver test and measurement instruments like multi-meter, DC power supply, oscilloscope, waveform generator, data acquisition data-logger/unit, frequency counter as well as spectrum analyser.

We serve a diversity of industries with major Electronic Contract Manufacturer (CM), Manufacturing Services (EMS), Research and Development companies and education institutions in Chennai. Our prime aim is to offer the best products and technical assistance for your project needs where customers can source the best quality electronic components.


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